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A Lifelong Love for Things that Fly the "Creator's Way"

 The  research and development of the designs described in this book was  inspired by the groundbreaking work of pioneers Charles Fauvel and Al  Backstrom. It is hoped that this book will encourage others to carry on  where this author has left off. 

                                                                                                      -- Jim Marske

About the Book

Hardcover containing over 160 pages of Flying Wing evolution, photos, 3-views and stories

After  building many model gliders as a teenager, Jim designed and constructed  his first, man-carrying flying wing glider at the age of 21 to mainly  prove to himself that the flying wing was as good, or not as good, as  his models had proven. Lessons learned from his first 'Plank' type  glider led to the development of his Pioneer Series with a 'Reverse  Delta' type planform.  Like the models, his full-sized wings  demonstrated impressive pitch stability and were highly spin resistant.  As a bonus, the wings had surprisingly low drag, resulting in excellent  overall performance, challenging conventional tailed aircraft. All  through this experimentation, Jim fought and conquered his primary  nemesis, which was 'adverse aileron yaw', or simply put, not enough  rudder power.  This aileron drag was the demise of the Northrop Flying  Wing and was never solved.  The Northrop B-2 bomber has the similar  problem and can only be safely flown with the aid of on-board computers.

This  book was written to record the development and progress of the flying  wing design with a swept-forward planform.  At first glance, its unusual  appearance tells one it cannot fly.  Even if it did fly, it should  tumble and be highly unstable, yet it contradicts all logic.  Paul  Schweizer, a well-known sailplane manufacturer once said, " I've seen it  fly, but still can't believe it!"  Those who have flown a Marske Wing  speak highly of its performance and flight characteristics.   

Jim Marske Pioneer 3 Flying Wing Sailplane

Book - The Wing and I: $69.99 USD (plus shipping)

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